Price List

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Jars of Sweets £3.00 each
 Number or letter £22.00
Double Numbers £42.00
Heart £25.oo
Bespoke Characters from £25.00
Footballs £25.00
Chocolate Single Numbers or Letters £27.00
Chocolate Double Numbers £47.00
Seasonal Pumpkin £25.00
Seasonal Christmas Tree £25.00
Adult Themed upon request
Party Cones £1.00 each


Single number or bespoke £7.50

Double number £10.00

Double number or letter cakes are £42.00

Girls 14th Birthday Cake Made of Sweets







The outer edges can be made up from Mallows, Jelly Babies or Jelly Shapes depending on what age.
Inside your cake you can have: flying saucers, cola bottles, milk gums, fizzy jellies, snake jellies, shrimps, drumsticks, jelly beans love hearts or any of your favourite retro sweets.

Single number (1 to 9) or letter cake or single letter made of sweets.








Anything Bespoke is from £25.00 upwards

Love Heart Made of Sweets







We can discuss all your requirements when you contact us.

Fairy Party Cones

The Sweet Cake Fairy also make Fairy Fun Cones which are party bags at a very reasonable price of £1.00  

When your child goes to a party, they receive the party cone at the end.

Party Cone Postage

10 or less £5 postage 

10 – 30 plus cones postage is £6

07891 406 865

Contact us for bulk or trade orders.

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